Sunday, February 13, 2005

One Ring Zero

We saw an amazing show last night at Octavia Books, the wonderfully twisted duo One Ring Zero, and had a great time. How many other bands could move one to exclaim, "righteous theremin solo!" Not many, to be sure. And I totally want a claviola now.

I first heard about them on Neil Gaiman's online journal, and was intrigued enough to make a mental post-it note to check them out sometime. If they ever play nearby, do go see them.

The songs of their latest CD feature lyrics contributed by 17 top authors and the ones they played at the show last night were all fascinatingly fun. A must for literary geeks everywhere.

One highlight was a song penned by Paul Auster called Natty Man Blues which will be very amusing to anyone who's ever lived in Cincinnati. We both loved it.

At one point in the show they threatened the crowd with Free Bird as a joke, but I think that it would have totally rocked on accordian and claviola, personally. One of my favorite concert memories is of seeing The Slobs launch into a perfect version of it when some drunk joker in the crowd called it out.


Anonymous Sam said...

Your "Free Bird" story reminds me of the free concerts they have here during the summer. There's this little old man who goes to every concert and he always requests "You Are My Sunshine"...and most of the bands actually play it.

And ORZ sounds awesome! I'm definitely going to check them out.

3:15 PM  

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