Monday, January 31, 2005

Googling neurotic frustrations

I love the internet.

Specifically, I have just for the third time in a week been able to identify a song I heard on Musak based upon nothing else but a few snippets of remembered verses.

Oh, would that the Great and Mighty Internet had existed earlier. An experience which has nearly driven me to madness throughout my life has been hearing interesting songs but having no idea what they were called or who the artists were. I'm not sure why, but I get almost neurotically frustrated when I want to know the artist and title of a song but can't figure it out. Perhaps it's the frustration of repitition, but it can be a real thing with me.

I remember in around my sixth grade year ('79 - '80), I kept hearing this song on the radio, and its style and several of its lines were different and interesting enough from the pop norm at the time to really interest me. But I never heard a DJ identify it. It became a thing. One day I heard the end of it in the company of a good friend, and mentioned that I'd been kinda obsessing about it because I couldn't figure out what the damn song was so I could go buy the 45. I mentioned the first line which stuck in my head. He was a good friend, because one day he heard it begin, and actually unplugged his little radio and ran wildly up the hill to my place carrying it! I wasn't home, but he heard the title and remembered it. That's a buddy.

Fleetwood Mac's Sara by the way. Whatever your opinion of it, it was quite unusual for it's era, you have to admit. I still really enjoy it, it's music, and lyrics, but I"m sure part of that is nostalgia.

This week:

Isley Brothers, Who's That Lady
Ringo Starr, Photograph
Rolling Stones, Dead Flowers

The first is an amazing contact point between soul and progressive music.

And is it just me, or does that last one sound very, very much like another song? Dammit, can't figure out what... please comment if you have any ideas!


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