Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Trying to get back up to speed on posting, and sorry for the hiatus. I could blame Mardi Gras, and living in New Orleans it'd be a great excuse... but it's my own laziness and distraction, honestly. Apologies again *sigh*

My commitment to daily posts was of course a goal, rather than a promise. I have been missing the mark, technically sinning, which is what that term originally meant in Hebrew. I wonder how sinning wandered from, "Oops, try again!" to "You're going to suffer torment for all eternity"? Anyway...

Someone posted a vague and anonymous comment to this post, and while I answered there, I thought it was an important enough point to warrant it's own topic.

Blogger is annoying about comments, requiring people to register in order to comment if the host doesn't allow anonymous comments. That seems silly to me as it does not allow people to conceal their identity if they so wish and I'm in favor of options which promote free speech. This being my sandbox, I'm always free to dictatorially delete anything egregious, so what the hell...

However, I just want to state that I'm much more likely to feel like responding to your comments if there is an identifier of some sort. So if you want to kibbitz or don't feel like a response or are making wit or whatever, anonymize away! If you want to chat please do something like put a name, initials, or identity at the end of your post even if you don't feel like registering, e.g.:

Blather, I found on google.
Blather, you moron!

So, then I can conversationally start my answer in a much more friendly, pleasing, and civilised manner, "L'Idiot, you ignorant slut..." or "Thanks for the info, L'Idiot, you've saved me and countless others from a lifetime of useless toil!"

Thank you!


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