Saturday, February 12, 2005


What a crappy week. I've been down with a nasty intestinal bug which has sapped most of my will to live, and the less said about that the better. Pepto hasn't been able to keep up, so I stepped up to Immodium tonight, and I guess we'll see... *bleh*

I'm just going to shut up after tonight about my lack of posting frequency, because it seems to be asking for trouble.

In looking at the blogs of various folks who seem to actually be popular enough to be paid for this type of narcissism, I've noticed a certain amount of filler which I've tried to avoid among those who manage to post daily. Then again, I initially only promised to post daily, and never-ever mentioned any qualitative parameters... hmmmm... I suppose it was too much to ask of myself to write something interesting daily, when the exercise was just to get in the habit of writing itself. Quality is not the goal, merely a nice frosting. I think I was not posting unless I had some sprinkles, much less frosting. Let's work on the cake afore decoratin'.

I would, however, like to work towards more quality, but in the meantime my goal is to simply get back to daily postings. I'll go for quality whenever it presents itself, but no promises. In guessing who might actually be reading this, here's a list of filler topics which I may resort to if I don't have anything more interesting to say:

cooking / what I made for dinner
books I've finished
movies I've watched
observations / annoyances


I'm leaning towards the cooking one. A number of folks have commented favorably upon my culinary skills, a number of folks possibly reading this seem to like reading and chatting about cooking, and it seems to be the filler topic which might include the most original material. Recipie? I ain' got no recipes. I don' cook wit' no recipes. We don' need no steenking recipes!

Here's a last topic: getting pedantic about words

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I've got a little knowledge about many things involved with words, historical linguistics, etymology, and so on. Not grammar, mind you, as if my cavalier comma usage and irreverant fragments weren't clues enough, but words themselves.

Not sure I can come up with daily blathering about that last one, so I'm still voting for cooking. Let me know what you think.


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