Wednesday, September 07, 2005

evacuation update

We made it to Florida well ahead of the main evacuation
rush, and my family there was wonderfully kind and
supportive. We didn't really have internet access there, so
here's a delayed update on our situation.

We stayed a week in Florida while some family in Tennessee
set up a room for us with my cousin in Sevierville.
We drove up yesterday and are getting settled in.

Everyone up here has been absolutely amazing. My aunt
got one of the local furniture stores to donate a new bed
and frame for us (!), and last night we slept well for the
first time in well over a week.

I'd also like to thank everyone who sent offers of shelter
and assistance-- just knowing that so many people care
about us has been a great source of hope and strength.

It looks like we'll be moving up here permanently or at
least for the forseeable future. M-----'s already beginning
the process of transferring to U.T. and I'm investigating
Tennessee's teacher mentoring program where I can begin
work as a math teaching assistant while I work on my

As soon as we get the signal that it's safe to return I'll
be driving down with my uncle for a salvage
operation. We have flood/renters' insurance, but can't file
a claim until the damage has been surveyed. We have also
registered with FEMA, but since we are lucky enough to have
immediate food and shelter, we won't be getting assistance
from them until after we know what's up with the insurance.

Whenever I regrow a brain I'll be posting some more details
of our experience and opinions about the situation on my
blog, if anyone is interested. Feel free post
any questions or topics you'd like to have answered. I've
got internet access again, so now I'll be able to write
real responses.