Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Sorry for the long break.

A very dear friend of mine, who's M------'s closest relative, emotionally speaking, has been seriously ill and has since passed quite suddenly.

I treasured her comments about my writing during this little experiment, and in many ways I thought of her as my audience when writing entries. She was actually the only person who ever commented upon my writing and not what I was writing about. That meant a lot. I'll miss her terribly, for that, and for many, many other reasons.

I now realize in looking at the hole in my life that I was looking forward to many years of getting to know her better, as she was certainly a person worth getting to know as well as possible. I'm sorry I didn't use the time I did have to do more in that regard.

Not sure when I'll feel like resuming things, but I'm sure I will eventually.

Thanks for your attention.