Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No soap for you!

Well, no one's even entered my Spot the Flaw in the Liberal Rhetoric Contest so I'll just have to put you all out of your misery...

In my earlier post I noted that each teacher has about five classes, but I failed to take into consideration that each student has in turn about five teachers. So, each student's increased earnings and tax revenue needs to be split amongst their five teachers.

I was in effect claiming that 1 = 5.

Bad mathematician! No biscuit!

I still think that my argument's valid, though, but let me borrow some Republican rhetoric to bolster my case... a rising tide raises all boats, a phrase which was used to justify cutting taxes for the rich, also works for the poor, yes?

Poor people who are more capable will earn more and will in turn earn more for the people they work for, who will in turn pay more taxes!

In short, more educated citizens contribute more to fund their society than their education costs, even if education itself costs more than it does now. That's my fundamental postulate, and I stand by it.

A similar argument can be made for more healthy citizens and universal health care, but let me wait on that one until I've got some numbers to throw at you.

A new contest, again for a bar of my elegantly sensual homemade soap: demonstrate how 1 can equal 5...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to enter, but I didn't find the flaw. Sam + basic math = violent death.

1=5? Hmm...well, 101 = 5 if you're counting in binary (I think), but I have no idea how to make 1 = 5 without doing something to it. Uh...1=5^0

I know...I lose. No soap for me.

12:13 AM  
Blogger fatoudust said...

Hey, sam, not bad at all! Not what I was thinking of, but good enough for a bar!

In math there's seldom only one way to get there.

I won't tell my thoughts for a week to let others play, should they wish...

1:54 AM  

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