Sunday, January 02, 2005

Buddhist carol

I've noticed that Buddhism, among other cultural systems, seems to be fond of numbered lists of things.

E.g.: the four noble truths, the eightfold path, the three pillars of the dharma, etc...

They aren't the only ones who really get into this idea. I've seen it a lot in many spiritual systems.

I asked about this on Monkeyfilter in this thread and the most reasonable response I got explained it as a useful mnemonic tool. I was pointed towards this very nice meta-list of Buddhist dharma lists.

The was also the answer I recieved from someone who studied briefly under a Tibetan Rimpoche. She mentioned him counting off things on his fingers as he explained them. Makes sense.

In a perverse fit of silliness, probably brought about by holiday madness, I came up with a Buddhist carol based upon the old saw "The Twelve Days of Christmas":

Twelve Days of Buddha

On the first meditation my Buddha gave to me...

A realization underneath the bodhi tree.

On the second (third...) meditation my Buddha gave to me...

False Duality
Three Dharma Pillars
Four Noble Truths
Five Hin...dran...ces!
Six Senses Sensing
Seven Enlightenment Factors
Eight Paths a-Folding
Nine Bodhisattvas
Ten Fetters Fettering
Eleven Monks a-chanting
Twelve Links a-Linking


I'm trying to base each verse upon an actual Buddhist dharma list or concept, but haven't been able to find ones for nine and eleven. If anyone knows of some, please comment!

Feel free to pass it around if you don't mind crediting me. I'm happy to add to the internet's woefully small collection of Buddhist humor. I'm already pondering "Mr. Bojjhanga"...


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